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Through our extensive research and development program we have determined that sugars added to salt in specific proportions will significantly lower the working temperature of chloride salt, allowing longer working time and greatly reducing corrosion.
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All ICE B' GONE® products rely on the fact that low molecular weight carbohydrates (sugars), when mixed in correct proportions with chloride salts, will cause a synergistic freeze point depression, reduce salt use and cut corrosion - all resulting in cost savings!

ICE B' GONE® products are available with many carbohydrate sources, and can be used with salt brines in concentrated form, and also as a direct liquid deicer/anti-icer.

ICE B' GONE® is also environmentally safer than straight salt usage- lower application rates, less toxic, less harmful to plants and aquatic life, very low BOD/COD.

Most versions meet PNS requirements for toxicity, corrosion, purity and performance.

All components of our products are carefully selected and analyzed for compliance with purchase specifications.  All final blends are monitored for quality and consistency and final processing is designed to achieve peak performance and chemical characteristics.


The original cane by-product formula of Distillers Condensed Solubles (DCS) and a Magnesium Chloride solution.  ICE B'GONE® is widely used by many Local, County and State agencies as an additive to sand and salt as their primary ice melting product.  Covered under various patents, ICE B'GONE® will continue to work to lower temperatures where dry salt can not. 

 ICE B'GONE®  II  Available in an 80/20 or a 90/10 Blend

From the original suppliers of cane by-products, ICE B'GONE® (DCS), comes a more refined and consistent version - ICE B'GONE® II.  Manufactured from a Molasses, High Fructose Corn Syrup or other carbohydrate base, ICE B'GONE® II is a more refined and consistent product with the same outstanding characteristics and performance as the original formulated ICE B'GONE®.

Key benefits of both ICE B'GONE® and ICE B'GONE® II

  • Improves winter road conditions

  • Treated salt works to temperatures well below 0° F

  • Reduce wasted salt caused by bounce and scatter.  Treated salt stays on the road better.

  • Applied prior to a snow event (anti-icing), it will prevent a bond from forming between the road and snow accumulation.

  • Has a residual effect that is superior to others de-icers on the market.

  • Lower working temperatures coupled with better adherence and residual effects result in a 30 - 40 percent salt savings.

  • Drastically reduces the corrosiveness of salt and its effect on equipment.

  • Reduces the levels of sodium and chloride ion exposure to wells, vegetation and surface water.

  • Very low BOD values assure low impact on water and vegetation; compared to the effects of untreated salts!