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SEACO is proud to welcome Taconic Maintenance Inc as a Direct Product Distributor of ICE B'Gone Magic and ICE B'Gone Magic bagged salt.

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Put your roads on a low molecular weight carbohydrate diet (sugars)and see how sweet it is!


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Through our extensive research and development program we have determined that sugars added to salt in specific proportions significantly lower the working temperature of chloride salt, allowing longer working time and greatly reducing corrosion.  ICE B'GONE®  use allows for lower salt application rates and has less impact on the environment which leads to cost savings.  ICE B'GONE® will meet the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity and effectiveness.

ICE B'GONE®  is a renewable, economical and environmentally effective way to keep your roads safe - less salt use, lower cost, better service and significant corrosion reduction!


...improves winter road conditions

...treated salt works to lower temperature (-0°F) than dry salt alone

...treated salt stays on the road better by reducing bounce and scatter

...can safely be applied prior to a storm event (anti - icing) thus preventing a bond from forming between the pavement and the snow accumulation

...has a residual effect that is superior to other de-icers on the market.  This fact is attributed to the high viscosity of ICE B'GONE® reducing chloride brine leaching to the road shoulders ideal for treating black ice and clear weather frost on road and bridge surfaces

...can also be used as a concentrate with salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze point and increase working time


  • Saves Time, Labor and Materials

  • Lower working temperatures coupled with better adherence and residual effect results in a 30 - 40 percent salt saving

  • Eliminates the need for sand, its cleanup and disposal

  • Drastically reduces the corrosivity of salt and its effect on chains, bearings, frames, brakes, and electrical components safe to use around animal and humans.  It does not affect skin, leather, clothing, or carpets.  No special handling equipment is required.  It is water soluble.

...reduces the levels of sodium and chloride ion exposure to wells, vegetation and surface water.

...eliminates the need for sand, a major source of phosphorus and PM - 10 contamination.

...very low BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) values assure low impact on water and vegetation; compare to the effects of untreated chloride salts!

...a full winter's use of ICE B'GONE®  uses less oxygen than one hour of traffic!


You Can't Afford Not To Use ICE B'GONE®!

North America's Leader in research and development of snow and ice technology.









Sears warrants that ICE B'GONE® shall be fit for the purpose for which such goods are ordinarily intended.  Such warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, all of which are hereby disclaimed and excluded by Sears.  In no event shall Sears be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential losses or damages of any kind.

This technology is covered by various US and foreign patents which are owned by:

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